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24 Carat Melanin! How 19 Year Old Sudanese Beauty With ‘Glowing’ Dark Skin Anok Yai Stole The Heart Of The Internet…

A South Sudanese student has accidentally gone viral.

Anok Yai was enjoying Howard University’s homecoming over the weekend, when a photographer noticed her and snapped some pics. Before she knew it, strangers were begging the modeling gods to give her a contract.

Yai is a 19-year-old sophomore studying biochemistry at Plymouth State University. “A friend of mine and I decided to travel to Washington, D.C., to attend Howard University’s Homecoming,” Yai, who grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire, tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

They attended Yardfest, Howard’s homecoming concert, featuring performers like Rick Ross and Doug E. Fresh.
“After Yardfest ended, I began walking toward the dorms, when a photographer that goes by the name Steve ‘theSUNK’ Hall randomly started taking photos of me,” she recalls.

“While he was taking down my information, he said, ‘Today was a good day, and a couple of these photos have the potential to go viral.’ I didn’t really think much of it, so I just smiled and went on about my day.

” Little did she know that her photo would indeed go viral. TheSunk shared her photo with his 13k Instagram followers yesterday. The rest is history.

She moved from 150 followers to 8k in a day, with the whole of the internet begging that she be given a modelling contract.


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