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Anti-Open Grazing Law Restores Peace Between Herdsmen & Farmers…

The anti-open grazing law which comes into effect in Benue on 1st November, 2017 has restored peace between farmers and herdsmen for the first time in seven years.

Unlike the past when during the harvest period, bloody clashes were witnessed between farmers and herdsmen, harvesting of crops has been going on in a peaceful atmosphere.

In Logo, Guma, Agatu, Gwer-west, Makurdi, Buruku and Tarka local government areas which are currently harvesting massive rice and soya beans, there has been no case of clash between Fulani herdsmen and farmers.

There is, however, a new dimension where the Fulani cattle rearers now buy chaff from harvested rice and the uprooted cassava for feeding of their animals.

Before now, the herdsmen would command their cattle into farms and destroy both the chaff and crops.

A farmer in Tse- Dzungwe, Mbaiwen Faga Dzungwe, told The Nation that the herdsmen and their cattle are now complying with the grazing law.

Dzungwe stated that the grazing law has brought sanity as herdsmen no longer destroy their farm lands, maim or kill farmers with impunity. He commended Governor Samuel Ortom for signing the grazing law and its coming to effect.

The Nation, though, gathered that Fulani herdsmen have mounted a sustained campaign against the law through some section of the media. The cattle rearers are, however, cautious in their grazing as they have seen that government is determined to implement the law just as most of them who contravened have been charged to court and remanded in prison.