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Benue 2019: Ex-Administrator Of Katsina Flags Off Senate Campaign

Erstwhile Military Administrator of Katsina State Joseph Akaagerger (rtd), has flagged off his campaign for his 2019 Benue North East Senatorial District (Zone A) election bid with the promise to fill the “lacuna in service to the people” of Zone A. He is flying the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) flag for the election.

Akaagerger, who addressed a rally at the weekend at the Benue North Eastern town of Ikyobo, Ushongo Local Government Area of the state said that the lacuna in service to the people of the zone is reason he has entered the race.

He also told the rally that the time has come for the people to decide, who represents their interest in 2019, separating such ones from those who are out for their personal interest.

The APGA candidate, an authority in law was at the Senate of the National Assembly between 2007 and 2011. The state publicity secretary of APGA King Richard Abu saying “he did well” in terms of constituency projects.

Akaagerger told reporters at the rally that the choice of Ikyobo for the flag off was deliberate.

“The choice of Ushongo Local Government Area, and Ikyobo in particular is very deliberate. The celebrated Governor of Benue State whose standard nobody has ever met in terms of social and economic development, His Excellency Aper Aku is from this place (Ikyobo)”.

“I believe that every well meaning Tiv person who wants to take our people out of the present situation; who wants to advance the Tiv nation; who wants the Tiv nation to prosper; who wants to create opportunities for Tiv children and young people as the Governor did in his own time must come and take an inspiration here. That is why we chose this place.”

The “A Grade” retired military administrator and lawyer explained that he has “the consensus” of the people of Zone A to run for the office. He seemed to give insight on why the consensus when he said: “The Senate in Zone A is eight years. I did four years, remaining four years. I have the consensus of my people.”

When questioned on the argument that it is the turn of Kwande to produce the Benue North East Senator come 2019, Akaagerger replied: “You know I am Kwande in and out. I am from Nanev while my wife is from Usar, both in Zone B in Kwande Local Government Area.

“Therefore, I am one and the same person as a Kwande person. And because I am a Kwande product, it is legitimate for me to also contest.”
His supporters see him as the only person that will “spend only four years and handover.”

Akaagerger himself seems to agree to this when he said: “Of all the others (candidates), if they go there they will become institutions that will never want to leave the stage for another person. I am taking the opportunity to handover this reigns of leadership back to Kwande.”

Leader of APGA in the state, Edward Akpen, who also addressed the rally told the people of Zone A that the cock is crowing because it is day break. He said, Benue was ill and the cock is available for cleansing of the land.

Akpen urged the people to support the party by voting it’s candidates at all levels of next year’s general election.

APGA’s presidential candidate, John Gbor, a former Commander of Nigeria Army Corps of Education is from this senatorial district.