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Benue Attorney General Give More Explanation On The State’s Anti-Grazing Law

Benue state attorney general and commissioner of justice, Michael Gusa, explains the provisions of the law

Attorney general and commissioner of justice in Benue state, Michael Gusa, has stated that the law prohibiting open rearing and grazing of livestock, is meant to bring peace between farmers and herders in the state.

According to him, the law was also geared towards protecting the environment from open grazing. Quoting Section 3 of the law, he said it has adequate provisions to take care of the interests of the farmers and the livestock breeders, stressing that the Benue state government has not been bias towards any group before and after the law

He said: “Here in Benue state, our major mainstay of the economy is crop production, then you have a little of this livestock breeding in the state, and what has caused the problem overtime is when this cattle graze into the crop farmers farm and he complains, the next thing is the herders will come and attack and kill such a person with his family members.

“This has taken a great toll on the people of Benue state because it started as far back as 2011. Before the law was actually made, we had more than 47 attacks in Benue state and so many people were killed.

“So when Governor Ortom came into power, he wanted to put a stop to this incessant killings of farmers in the state. He now thought of making a law that will now protect the farmers and the herders.”

Gusa said the law is meant to give restrictions to the operations of both the farmers and the herders, adding that everyone was carried along through public hearings carried out in all senatorial districts of the state and its capital, Makurdi, by the Benue state House of Assembly.