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Boko Haram Returns Kidnapped Dapchi School Girls, Five Reportedly Dead

Nigerian Islamist militant group, Boko Haram today returned 105 girls kidnapped from a high school compound in Dapchi a few weeks ago. According to report, the militant group came with the girls in 9 vehicles same way they took them away.

There was confusion in the area as members of the community scampered into the bush as the terror group appeared in the area, first dropping off one the girls in a nearby village and then driving into the center of Dapchi town to drop off the rest of the girls. Five of the girls are reportdely dead.

“Boko Haram shook hands with the parents and apologised for abducting them. They said that if they knew they were Muslim girls, they wouldn’t have abducted them,” he said. “They spoke in the Kanuri language and were dressed in black turbans, and they’d dressed the girls in cream hijabs.

“They warned the girls that they should stay away from school and swore that if they came back and found any girl in school, they’d abduct them again and never give them back.”

It is not clear if the Nigerian government paid any ransom to get the girls released.