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Friends Of A Sachet Water Seller Celebrates His Graduation By Giving Him A Wheelbarrow Ride…



Rriends of a sachet water seller who just graduated from a High School in Liberia, have given him a wheel barrow ride to celebrate his big day.

Facebook user, Philip Blamo who took to Facebook to share photos wrote;

“Liberia: Humbly Dignified Our Hero Of The Year.
Poor economic hardship did not stop him from completing his high school education.
He sold cold drinking water on the street of Liberia Margibi County to fund his education .
His friends were so proud of him and decided to sponsor his graduation program. He was escorted home by his friends in a Weelbarrow and with a cheering crowd singing and dancing to his achievement.
He is my hero and Liberia’s hope ……. Rev. Blamo”
“Liberia: Our Graduate Of The Year.
From Selling Cold Water on the street of Margibi Liberia to the completion of his high school diploma our graduate set the stage for a new Liberia.
No big cars to take him home after the graduation ceremony at the school, but his dedicated friends escorted him home in a Weelbarrow and he was welcome home as a hero and hope for Liberians youths.”

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