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Husband Abandons Wife, Newborn Triplets In Ebonyi State Hospital…

A woman, Mrs Ukamaka Nkwegu, who was recently delivered of triplets at Maternal and Child Health Clinic, Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital has been abandoned by her husband.

The Sun Newspaper reports that Nkwegu, who, until she was abandoned, was the third wife of her husband, was brought to the hospital from her village, Ozibo Obegu Ibenta, Ebonyi Local Government Area of the state, after prolonged labour.

She was in prolonged labour in the village when a pastor saw her and took her to the health centre where she delivered the babies. The triplets are two males and one female.

Matron of the health centre, Mrs. Elizabeth Odoh, said Ukamaka, who is in her late 20s, was abandoned at the mercy of the maternity staff and some people who have been taking care of the babies.

“Last Tuesday, a good Samaritan took her from a park where the woman was kept and was in labour, for hours, at the park. They abandoned and accused her of witchcraft, that doesn’t want her to deliver her baby.

A pastor’s wife took the woman to her church and they started praying. At a point, it was like the woman will not deliver safely. That was when they brought her to this hospital.

When I asked the woman, she said she had her first pregnancy as twin, the second pregnancy was a single baby. With my experience, I discovered it was multiple pregnancy and I delivered one. About 10 minutes later, the second one came out. Fifteen minutes later, the third one came out.

“Since that day, till now, people have been coming here. While I decided to make it a public affair is that since that Tuesday, I have not seen the husband of this woman or his representative. He has not called on phone to know how his wife and babies are doing.”
Mrs Nkwegu who was seriously overwhelmed by her situation called on the state government and other public-spirited individuals to help her to care for the babies.

She said she has been the one catering for herself since she conceived by doing menial jobs for people.

“My husband asked me to go to a Traditional Birth Attendant in our village to go and deliver my baby that he doesn’t have money for the hospital and I did that but the traditional birth attendant whom I met told me that my case was above her and abandoned me after several
A pastor saw me and took me to this hospital where I delivered my baby successfully”, she said.

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