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Idoma Youths Give Herdsmen 3-Week Quit Notice Over Benue Killings

Idoma youths, under the auspices of Idoma Youth Assembly, have issued herdsmen resident in Benue South notice to quit.

The youth group said it was giving three-week ultimatum to all herdsmen currently residing in any part of the zone to leave or have themselves to blame.

Patriot Ocheya Patrick Ekre, president of the youth group, said they would no longer fold their arms and watch herdsmen maim their people, destroy their crops and still walk freely.

The group also faulted the Nigerian government for not doing enough to end the endless killings in Idoma land and Benue State at large.

IYA, therefore, asked all herdsmen resident in Idomaland to vacate before or on April 15 to avoid trouble.

He said, “We’ve carefully observed the role and the body language of the federal governments and it’s quite disheartening to note that they practically failed the electorates of their primary mandate, which is to give them protection.

“It shows how nonchalant and insensitive this government is to the plight of the populace.

“Benue state was one of the states that gave President Muhammadu Buhari overwhelming support that paved the way for him to enter that office and all we can receive in return is killing and molestation.

“Consequently, we want to categorically state here that we are highly disappointed at the President Buhari’s recent visit to Benue.

“It is obvious that his trip to the state was not to proffer solution to the killings, rather it seems we’ve been mocked and pushed to the wall.

“It is quite unfortunate and amazing to hear from Mr. President, who claimed that he never knew the IG of police flouted his orders.

“For how long can we live in deceit and shift blames? Who is to be blamed, the IG or Mr. President? And now that he’s aware that IGP disobeyed his orders, what then is the sanction?

“Conclusively, we give all Fulanis herdsmen between now and April 15, 2018 to leave of Idoma land since the government is not ready to protect us from their swords and bullets.

“We are no longer asking Fulani herdsmen not to attack us, but we are giving them final quit notice. We have publicly sounded our warning,” the group added.