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Lagos To Makurdi, Benue By Road

Lagos to Makurdi, Benue by road is a journey you might not want to embark on, if you can afford Lagos to Benue flight. The distance from Lagos to Benue state is so far that if you travel by road with a private car, it might take you up to 12 hours to get to Makurdi, Benue state provided there is no delay on the road.

You can travel to Benue from Lagos by road enroute Ijebu Ode (Ogun State) > Ore (Ondo state) > Edo state > Asaba > Onitsha > Awka (Anambra State) > 9th Mile (Enugu State). After 9th mile, you will pass Obolo Afor (Enugu State) before you get to that part of Benue state where the idoma people of benue state reside i.e (Orokam, Otukpa, Otukpo). Once you get to Otukpo, you just have like 1hr 30 minutes to get to Makurdi, the state capital.

Alternatively, you can go through Ibadan (Oyo state) and pass through Osun state > Ondo State and Kogi state before getting to Benue state. Kogi state shares boundary with benue state. From Okene and Anpa in Kogi state, you will easily connect to Otukpa in Benue state. From Otukpa, you can continue your journey to Otukpo and from Otukpo, to Makurdi.

If you want to travel from Lagos to Makurdi by road via commercial buses, you can easily get buses going to Makurdi from Lagos at Iddo/Oyingbo Motor Park, Lagos State. Benue Links, Silver travels, Pleasure travels etc have their buses there. You can also get benue bus at Ojo cantonment in Lagos state. You can read how to get to benue links park in Lagos.

If you want to travel from Lagos to Makurdi via the commercial buses, ensure you book ahead or get to the park as early as possible. Most of those buses leave the park between 7-9am in the morning so they can get to benue on time. If your bus doesn’t leave Lagos on time, be ready for night journey enroute Benue state. To even get out of the Lagos traffic is a big deal. So, the earlier, the better.

If you are coming to Benue from other states in Nigeria, you can check addresses of benue links parks in Nigeria at

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