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Mararaba to Benue Transport Fare Costs N5,000, Yet Travelers Stranded

As the ongoing scarcity of petrol continues to bite harder, passengers travelling for the Christmas were stranded at Mararaba motor parks in Nasarawa State yesterday.

As a result of the scarcity of petroleum products, transporters have hiked fares arbitrarily, forcing some travellers to give up on the trip and return home coupled with shortage of vehicles at the parks. Some even have to sleep at some hotels in mararaba nasarawa state just to get to the parks as early as possible.

An intended traveler, Miss Joy Andrew, said the Christmas period was a time and opportunity for most people to travel and meet loved ones and parents.

Andrew, who was seen leaving the park in mararaba nasarawa state, told a news reporter that she would try again in the night.

“I think I will take a night bus after what I have experienced. May be it will be better.

“This situation is making the drivers to exploit commuters as many of them have increased transport fares.

“The drivers have doubled the fares. I used to pay N2,500 from this park in Mararaba to Benue. But today, the drivers are asking for N5,000,” she said.

Another traveller, Miss Jacinta Uche, said: “The situation in the Mararaba park is so bad. I got here as early as 6:00am thinking that I will avoid the rush.

“But to my surprise, I met so many other passengers who said they got here long before me. There are few cars at the park and those that are available, have doubled their fares.

“I will be going back home. This year’s Christmas will be dull for me because I don’t think I will make it to the village,” she said.

It was noticed that vehicles queuing for petrol had blocked part of the Abuja-Keffi expressway road, causing traffic gridlock as commuters spent hours in the traffic.