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Tsav Is A Betrayer Of Benue People – Waku Says

If Governor Ortom speaks out in defence and in the interest of Benue people, I don’t see any reason why he should be persecuted by the federal government.

Outspoken chieftain of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Senator Joseph Waku has fired back at Abubakar Tsav who accused him of bias on the political crisis rocking their state, Benue. He spoke to TUNDE THOMAS

Tsav is uninformed about happenings within politics of Benue State. Tsav has never been a politician, and he has not held any elective position in his life. Not even that of a councillor. Therefore when he is talking, his scope is limited and I sympathise with him.

Contrary to what Tsav is saying, George Akume didn’t know how I and Hon. Jime got federal appointments. Tsav is absolutely misinformed, and I want to say that I sympathise with him on that. Tsav should not dabble into what he doesn’t know anything about. Akume never knew how I got federal appointment Tsav is now talking about. I’m surprised that he has suddenly become Akume’s spokesman.

Like I said earlier, Tsav knew nothing about politics in Benue State, if he is conversant with Benue politics, he will know that it was APC as a party that I dragged to court. I only joined Ortom in the suit.

I dragged APC to court for impunity and disregard for due process over the manner the party picked its flagbearer for 2015 elections. A committee was set up to resolve the crisis when it was realized that the crisis might make the party to lose the election to PDP. It took the intervention of President Buhari to resolve the issue. Tsav is ignorant of all these issues that he is now speaking about as if he is an authority on them.

I would say that Tsav is a big disappointment because as a retired senior Police Officer who was also a crack investigator when he was in service, I would have expected him to do his thorough investigation before jumping into the fray. My advice to him is that he should do a thorough investigation on issues before rushing to make comments. If Tsav continues to behave this way, he will continue to ridicule not only himself but also the police as an institution that trained him.

What I’m out for is justice and equity. I don’t have to know you or you have to be my neighbor before I speak out for you when you are being oppressed. This is what is happening in Benue State. I’m speaking out against oppression and tyranny. Akume is oppressing Ortom, and he and his cohorts want to remove Ortom by all means including illegal action, and this is why I’m speaking to defend Ortom and I have no apology for that.

Have Nigerians forgotten how I stood up to defend General Ishaya Bamaiyi and Muhammed Abacha when they were being oppressed when Obasanjo was in power? When I was involved in all these, Tsav was congratulating me as a defender of the oppressed, but why is it now that I’m speaking out the truth on Benue political crisis that he is now crucifying me? As long as due process is not followed in any venture, I will continue to speak out.

Cuts in … Well I’m not a spokesman of Benue State government. The state government I’m sure has mechanism in place to reply Tsav on that. But to me, if Governor Ortom speaks out in defence and in the interest of Benue people, I don’t see any reason why he should be persecuted by the federal government.

Why is that it is even Tsav that is defending Akume now?. When Akume was state governor, Tsav wrote EFCC to investigate and prosecute Akume for corruption. I don’t know what Tsav stand to gain by supporting illegality going on in the state House of Assembly. This illegality has been condemned by eminent Nigerians. Is Tsav now an oppressor or supporting the oppressors of his own people. He should think of what history would remember him for.