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‘We’re Making Provision For Special Breed Grasses’ – Benue Commissioner…

The Benue State Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, James Anbua, said yesterday that plans are underway to provide specially breed grasses for livestock in the state.

Anbua in an interview with Daily Trust in Makurdi, posited that there would be no going back on the enforcement of the anti-open grazing law which became effective on November 1.

“We are bringing into the state special breed grasses to be made available to everybody so,that they can grow more of it to feed their livestock for better nourishment,” he said.

The commissioner who said he was not aware of any cattle dying due to starvation occasioned by the ban on open grazing has urged the herders to change their mindset from the old ways of pasturing by embracing ranching in line with modernity.

He said his ministry had concluded arrangement to provide highly nutritious grasses for those herders who are willing to obey the law and stay back in the state, stressing that the cattle breeders after obtaining the the special breed grass can continue to grow ii in their various space to feed their flock.

Anbua further appeal to the herders to stop exaggerating the rumours of coŵs dying of starvation when grasses are all over and could be freely access from local environment if only they were willing to move out of their comfort zones.


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