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What Boko Haram Told The Parents Of Dapchi School Girls After Their Release

Parents of abducted Dapchi school girls who were released on Wednesday by Boko Haram, say the insurgents spoke to them before leaving the community.

The terrorists spent almost one hour in Dapchi, after returning 105 of the girls .

Kachalla Bukar, who is the secretary of the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls’ parents’ group, said he received a phone call from relatives in Gumsa town that they saw Boko Haram gunmen coming towards Dapchi with the girls.

When he broke the news to the villagers, they became scared and began to flee in fear.

Kachalla said he and other parents of the missing girls stood and watched as Boko Haram drove into the village.

“We the parents of the missing girls did not run as other villagers did, because we cannot run and leave our girls in the hands of the Boko Haram.

“When they came, they told us that they were returning the girls not because somebody gave them money, but out of their freewill. We thanked them.

“Then they told us that we must never return our girls to western school again; we said we will do as said. They preached to us for some time, and we said we will heed to their sermons.

“They shook our hands and asked us to forgive them for whatever pains that they might have caused us; then we shook hands and they asked us to snap photos with them using their mobile phone, which we all did,” he said.