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Where Is Benue State In Nigeria?

If you’ve never been to benue state before and you plan going there soon, I can bet you will be wondering “where is benue state in Nigeria” and you will also likely be wondering if Benue state is in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Well, Benue State is a state in the mid-belt region of Nigeria. Its geographic coordinates are longitude 7° 47′ and 10° 0′ East. Latitude 6° 25′ and 8° 8′ North; and shares boundaries with five other states namely:

  • Nasarawa State to the north,
  • Taraba State to the east,
  • Cross-River State to the south,
  • Enugu State to the south-west and
  • Kogi State to the west.

Benue state is just at the middle of Nasarawa, Taraba, Cross-River, Enugu and Kogi states. The state is not a typical Northern state in Nigeria. it is located in the North-central geological region of the country. The state also shares a common boundary with the Republic of Cameroon on the south-east.

So, if you are traveling from eastern part of Nigeria to Benue, you will pass through Enugu state before getting to Benue state. Benue shares boundary with Enugu state and the distance from Enugu state to Benue state is 3 hours to Otukpo; 4hours to Makurdi.  If you are traveling to benue from lagos by road, it’s either you pass through Onitsha > Enugu > Benue or you pass through Ondo state > Kogi state > Benue. If you want to travel from Lagos to Benue by road, you can go to benue links park in Lagos.

About Benue State

Benue state is named after the Benue River and was formed from the former Benue-Plateau State in 1976. With its capital at Makurdi, Benue is a rich agricultural region; some of the crops grown there are potatoes, cassava, soya bean, guinea corn, flax, yams, sesame, rice, and groundnuts, Palm Tree.

map of benue state nigeria showing local goverments

It was one of the seven states created by the military administration headed by General Murtala Mohammed, which increased the number of states in the country from 13 to 19. In 1991, its boundaries were re-adjusted with the creation of Kogi State. The new Benue State of today has twenty (23) local government areas, which are administered by local government councils.